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How It All Started

We Wanted To Help

We’re a group of people who value health and wellness. With the sudden surprise of the COVID pandemic, we quickly discovered that our daily gym routines as we knew them were over. We also noticed that we weren’t the only ones missing out. Most of our friends and family were struggling too.

Going to the gym is a way to release stress, gain strength, clear the mind, improve your heart health, and so much more. Without the gym, especially in these stressful times, many of us didn’t have healthy coping mechanisms. So, we wanted to change that. We channeled that all-American resiliency and found a solution.

Our mission has been to provide cost-effective, at-home gym equipment. We want as many people as possible to have the freedom to work out with high-quality, durable equipment from the safety and comfort of home. It turns out that a lot of people want that too! And with over 400 happy customers and counting, we’re actively fulfilling our mission every day.

Over 20 Years

Of Ecommerce Expertise

As a team with over 20 years of combined e-commerce experience, we understand the importance of providing exceptional, high-quality products. It’s important to us that our customers have access to unrivaled equipment at a fraction of our competitors’ costs.

Despite being an e-commerce brand, we’re focused on creating local jobs and giving back to our communities. That’s why we pride ourselves on shipping all of the equipment from our warehouse located in LA, California.

We’re also not a huge fan of customer service robots--but is anyone? That’s why when you give us a call or use our instant chat service, you’ll talk to a real person. We want all of our customers to have an exceptional experience with our brand in every way possible. We’re real people who care about serving our customers.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Quick & Fast Shipping

We ship right to your door from our warehouse in LA using express shipping. We also take all of the necessary safety precautions to make sure that our products are safe for you.

1 Year Warranty

We’re so confident in the quality of our products, that we offer a 1-year limited warranty. If your product breaks, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge. That’s a promise.

Pro Customer Service

When you call our Hotline or send us an instant chat, you’ll speak to a real person. Our customer service team works 12 hours a day so that you’ll always get the best service.